Our offer

With the help from Bogard, our customers get access to the highest PEP data quality. The data quality in our database makes identifying PEP customers a far more easy and efficient process for our customers. In the Swedish PEP database, nearly 100% of the persons have a person number (svenskt personnummer), which usually gives an accurate one-to-one screening result. This result reduces the manual investigative work dramatically as compared to screening using name comparison.


There are different ways of using Bogard's PEP data, which can be coupled for a superior customer experience.

Full database subscription

Bogard's PEP data is available in full in an easy to implement XML file. This approach is adviseable for those who aim to integrate the data in their own AML screening system in order to screen the entire customer base daily. The files are available from Bogard's SFTP server and the easy to interpret file structure ensures a quick and smooth implementation.

Bogard aims to be flexible and adaptable, should our customers have any specific desires regarding the technical formats of our files or if they would like to customize the data in any way.

Online search

It is easy to access the data using our user friendly online search tool. This alternative is ideal for those companies who generally have a lower flow of new customers and a smaller customer base, where the need to screen all customers daily is not needed. However, there are other companies which use the online search tool as a complement to the daily full database screening - for instance in the on-boarding process.


Bogard's PEP data is integrated in CM1, the biggest AML system in Sweden, which is developed and maintained by Softronic. This means that CM1 users can start using Bogard PEP data by easily enabling this in CM1.

Bogard's PEP data is available via Pliance' API. Customers can integrate and fully automate their customer controls for money laundering using Pliance' solution.

Using Roaring, you will be able to access Bogard’s PEP data. Roaring is the new standard for handling customer data. Making companies competitive and compliant, using modern technology and up to date customer data, provided via API, web app or plugin