What we want

We believe that the subject of AML should not be an unnecessary source of concern or worry. Using the right tools and processes to identify PEP customers, will enable you to reallocate resources to other relevant AML activities. We at Bogard are experienced with AML matters and we use our expertise to help our customers optimize their PEP identification process. In a nutshell, we want to help you improve your AML process.

What we do

Bogard offers PEP data tailored to definitions in the Nordic AML legislation and with the highest possible data quality. Given our experience of AML in practice within the banking industry, we recognize the importance of correct and informative data sources in order to achieve a higher degree of precision when PEP screening and in turn reducing time spent on investigating false positives. Our focus is to improve and simplify our customers' KYC processes and this is primarily done by offering high data quality. This quality is maintained by constantly monitoring thousands of websites, newsfeeds and official records and in turn keeping the PEP information up to date.

Since we are a regional Nordic organization we are well informed about changes in relevant legislation or industry standards specific to the Nordics. This enables us to quickly adapt to relevant changes, which becomes an advantage for our customers.

Our background

Bogard was founded during the spring of 2015, to meet the demand which emerged from the change of the Swedish AML legislation in August 2015. We saw the need for a better PEP database which could include birth date/person numbers and where the selection of PEP roles complied with the Swedish legislation.

The database was launched in December 2015 and after only a few months the first contacts with some key customers were signed and since then Bogard has steadily grown and become a solid and profitable company. We currently have over 50 customers using our information daily. We have since expanded from the Swedish market to the Nordic market and now offer a Nordic PEP database. Our ambition is to continue to help our customers by making their AML processes more efficient for many years to come.

Our customers

We value having an open dialogue with our customers regarding the services we provide, and we are always keen on improving. Within a relatively short time period, we have built professional relationships with some of the major financial institutions in the Nordics, and we are proud to be a trusted information provider to these companies in the fight against money laundering. Below are a few examples of some of the companies which currently take advantage of our PEP data.

Publishing certificate

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